Phakchhermo Peak Climbing


Phakchhermo peak is situated at the south of the Tesi Lapcha, which is unnamed on the map of the beautiful Rolwaling Himal. The Phakchhermo is situated at the Rolwaling range with the altitude of about 6273m above sea level.  Many of the trekkers still does not know about this place but according to the experience and trekking of some daredevils at these unexplored peaks, the peak is gaining some popularity slowly and steadily. Many people stills spell the mountain wrongly. The peak climbing has gain its popularity after the expedition of Ship ton’s and Gregory’s survey to the altitude of 6318m.  The view of the mountain is glorious if we see the mountain from the pass. The snowy covered place will surely mesmerizes many of the trekkers who will trek at this region. Phakchhermo peak is a must go place for those trekkers who will cross the Tasi Lapcha (5755m) to Namche bazaar in the Everest area. The trekking at these lands is being demanded with the passage of time. The trekking to these unexplored areas will begin from Kathmandu with a drive to Charikot and the way will follow the path to Rolwaling valley through the Tsho Rolpa and Tesi Lapcha and to the summit of Phakchhermo peak and will return the journey from Namche bazaar to Lukla to Kathmandu by flight.

As this is one of the unexplored and still exploring trekking routes of Everest region through Rolwaling valley which will requires many experts help to gain maximum knowledge and information of the surrounding. We will acclimatize ourselves during the whole trek which will enables us for the successful encounter with the beautiful peak of Phakchhermo Peak Climbing . World Sight Journeywill arrange the climbing program at this region according to the wish of trekkers and their holiday schedule.

Details Itinerary

Day 01: Arrival to Kathmandu

Upon your arrival at Kathmandu at TIA, a representative of World Sight Journey will warmly welcome you to Nepal. She/he will guide you towards the hotel room of Nepal. The day can be either rest day or some sightseeing day of Kathmandu. The night will be at the hotel by discussing about the tour and enjoying the delicious dinner.

Day 02: Kathmandu to Shigati

After having the delicious breakfast at Kathmandu, we will move towards the bus stop to catch the bus to Shigati. We will drive for about 9 hours. The road goes through the beautiful forest of pine and through the terraced fields and villages. We will stay the night at Shigati.

Day 03: Shigati to Gongar

From Shigati, we will trek through the beautiful land of Bhote Koshi River passing through the suspension bridges. The trekking will offers its viewer with the glorious view of beautiful ranges of mountains like Gauri shanker with the altitude of 7145m along with other ranges of mountains. The trekking may go for about 6 hours through the main trail.

Day 04: Gongar to Simigaon

From Gongar, we will move towards the beautiful valley for about 2 hours heading east.  The road go through the terraced fields viewing some of the beautiful mani wall and chortens while approaching to Simigaon at 2020m after the trek of 6 hours.

Day 05: Simigaon to Donga

From Simigaon, we will walk through the imitating forest of rhododendron which will later climb up to Gyalche and then follows the Rolwaling khola. We will be enthralling with the beautiful view of surrounding around the donga after walking for about 6 to 7 hours.

Day 06: Donga to Beding

From Donga, we will move towards the beautiful village of Beding. The village is inhabited by about 30 houses along with some small monastery. We can see the beautiful picture of Melungtse at 7181m, which is the highest point of the Rolwaling. The night will be at tented camp at Beding.

Day 07: Beding to Na

From the Beding viewing the glorious view of mountains, we will follow the alpine trekking zone to the small village. The people used to live here only during summer due to the problem of extreme snow fall at this region. We will get the nice view of Chobutse (6685m) and Chugimago (6259m). The night will be at the tented camp of Na.

Day 08: Na to Nyiduk Kongma

From Na, we will climb towards the Nyiduk Kongma. We will climb towards the dam of Tsho Rolpa. The view of Tsho Rolpa will obviously amaze us. After viewing the spectacular view of Tsho Rolpa, we will continue our way towards the beautiful region of Nyiduk Kongma. The trekking goes for about 5 to 6 hours. The night will be at tented camp at Nyiduk Kongma.

Day 09: Nyiduk Kongma to Drolumbau Glacier

From the Nyiduk Kongma, we will descend through the way viewing the stunning view of Rocky Mountains. After walking for about 5 to 6 hours, we will reach at the beautiful glaciers through the rocky path. The Drolumbau glacier is at the altitude of 5200m above sea level.

Day 10: Drolumbau glacier to Tasi Lapsa

From Drolumbau, we will travel through the beautiful glaciers of the Drolumbau which is comparatively tougher path but will offers the best view of the surrounding along with Ragi Tau, Bigphero- Go Shar, Dragkar-Gb and other beautiful peaks. We will continue our journey to reach to Tasi Lapsa at 5200m. the night will be at tented camp at Tasi Lapsa.

Day 11: Climb to Phakchhermo

From Tasi Lapsa pass, we will make an early start to climb over to Phakchhermo. We will walk through the snowy mountain. Our fellow trekkers who are expert in climbing will help us to climb the mountain with the help of ropes. We will surely enjoy the view from the summit. We will return back to the base camp later of the day.

Day 12: Trek to Namche bazaar

After completing the objectives, we will trek towards the Namche bazaar. The increasing journey will disport us from beautiful view of the Phakchhermo Mountain. We will return to Namche bazaar to take the rest for the night.

Day 13: Namche bazaar to Lukla

From Namche bazaar, we will trek through the smooth surface of the Everest region. We will make the journey entertaining by viewing the surrounding area along with interacting with the people. Therefore a relaxed journey of about 6 to 7 hours will guide us to Lukla from Namche bazaar.  The night, we will enjoy the last dinner at the land of Himalayas.

Day 20: Lukla to Kathmandu

From Lukla we will catch the early flight over to Kathmandu as the climate may become worse later of the day. We will be at Kathmandu within the passage of several minutes. After landing at Kathmandu, w e will move towards the hotel room and enjoy the leisure time at Kathmandu. We will have a success party at the night.

Day 21: Farewell

After having a relaxing night at Kathmandu, finally, the day of returning back to our home country and busy schedule has come with the ending of our glittering tour over to the highlands of Nepal. World Sight Journey will organize a small farewell program at the airport and will help for any inconvenience that may arise during the departure.  We wish for your better journey ahead.