Festival Tours in Nepal

Festival Tours in Nepal

Are you planning your holidays for Festival Tours in Nepal? Nepal Festival Tours are getting more popularity these days as Nepalese culture and tradition got global exposure and is liked by world community. Nepalese festivals reflect the customs and culture of the whole nation which play vital role in the life and lifestyle of Nepalese people. No doubt, Nepal is the land of festivals and all the festivals are not merely the annual celebrations but also are the part of their lives.

Festivals are the cultural heritages that successfully bind together the diverse cultural backgrounds and beliefs into one nation. Here is where you can witness the unity in diversity among Nepalese people and their culture. There are more than 50 major festivals that fall in a year and most of which are of religious importance while others are the seasonal celebrations.

World Sight Journeys organizes popular festival tours in Nepal which are celebrated in the various parts of the country. During the Nepal Festival Tours you will get to know about the history and religious or cultural importance of each festival that is celebrated. Our guides are well-known about the culture and religious aspects behind the festivals that are celebrated in Nepal.

Always feel free to contact us to know more about the major festival tour packages in Nepal. We would love to provide you enough information about the festivals, the significance behind the each, and aspects that you will definitely love to know. You can celebrate various ceremonies during the festivals the way Nepalese people celebrate. Be assured that you will have a wonderful time celebrating Nepalese festivals with Nepalese people. The major festivals we celebrate in Nepal are: Dashain which generally falls during the month of October, Tihar that falls on November, Gaijatra that falls on August, Red Machhindranath Jatra that falls during the month of June, Bisket Jatra that falls on April, Nepalese New Year that falls on 14th of April, Mahashivaratri that falls on 8th of March, Holi (the festival of colors) that falls on March, and many more.

Come join our Festival Tour Packages in Nepal and explore the religious and cultural side of Nepal.